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The Fox by Aki-rain

The pectorals look too close together and awkward, I suggest looking up references. The hips are too thin for the shoulders, they shoul...

The New Sun by saphariadragon

Is the jaguar down there supposed to be that big? To avoid the scratchy quality in the background, try coloring in small circles rapidl...




Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Name: Star
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Gender: Agender/Neutrois, but any pronoun is fine.
Sexuality: Demisexual -…
Belief system: Existentialism

Current Residence: Behind you!
deviantWEAR sizing preference: adult small/medium or youth large depending on the chest width
Favourite genre of music: Anything but country and/or religious
  • Mood: Affection
  • Reading: Whatever College Assigns
  • Watching: Grey's Anatomy
  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts 2.5, League of Legends, Morrowind
  • Drinking: Water
I keep forgetting to do these. :D

My rat passed on - antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Marriage equality came to my state!

I love being with my mate. :HEART: We can make fun on the unrealistic aspects/film derps of a movie and still enjoy it, we make all the puns, neither of us want kids, he makes me feel like an adult and not just "so cute"... it's great. :3 He helped me realize that I was in an emotionally abusive relationship before, and I'm glad it's over.

Conversations with my mate:
Ty: That's brown!
Me: But it's not the SAME brown!
Ty: It still works!
Me: Which of us is the artist?
Ty: Which of us is actually brown?

I was writing a paper for school when I found out in my research that the idea I was basing my paper on didn't even exist when the story originated. I emailed my professor and she gave me an extension before I even asked. ;w;

I got kicked from my Astronomy class because my professor counted two of my tardys as absences. I had an A in the class, so it was just a withdrawl, not a withdrawl failing. I don't mind much, the teacher killed wonder and he didn't believe in global warming.

My 15-year-old cat has kidney failure, but we caught it early, so with this special food she should be okay.

While waiting on Rachel to get out of physical therapy, I took some pictures of this preying mantis. I relocated him to a tree where a lizard noticed him. The lizard pounced, but the preying mantis struck back, and they tumbled to the ground. The lizard released the mantis and ran off while the mantis spread its wings threateningly. Sadly, he broke his left pincer and leg in the tussle, but he can regrow them. NATURE, U SU CRAY.

I hosted a panel a panel at an anime convention on how to develop a realistic anime style (so that it looks like the person but is still anime), and I had 10-15 people come. Think it went well.

I was a tour guide at my school's haunted trail, got a lot of positive reviews.

If you don't understand the problem with calling a vulva a vagina, here:

Heard a train stop, and it sounded like the wails of tormented souls from hell. I didn't open my eyes the entire time it happened. I've never been so superstitious since leaving theism. Fear is a powerful thing.

Looks like a monster, is actually harmless:…

I gave a speech in my speech class about why you shouldn't cut your child's genitals, regardless of what those genitals look like. It's sad people don't see it this way.

I was the ghost of Christmas present in my not-church's pageant! Though I messed up a muscle doing the backdrop.

I finished my third semester with all A's. :)

When I went to pay for my classes this semester, I found out I was a day late paying for them and was kicked from all the classes. Fortunately, since I was only a day late, all my spots were still open - except one. The class had been canceled. I started freaking out when I remembered I have AP credits from high school from my 2D and 3D art classes. So I got to drop another class I didn't want to take. Then, I somehow had a debt on my fall account, but a credit on my spring well over it. Still, I can't change to an earlier class until that gets sorted out. Luckily, my professor doesn't care which class I attend.

My opinion of my classes so far:
American History Reconstruction-Now: Love the teacher, but he's hard. Already had some good discussions.
Anthropology: looks like it will be interesting, another discussion class
French: Turns out my french grammar sucks! But it has been a few years. Hopefully I can get that all worked out.
Astronomy (online): Not really sure yet, haven't had to discuss anything.

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